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APPA News Archive:


This year marks the 20th time that the The Association for the Promotion of Tumor Therapy with Heavy Ions (Verein zur Förderung der Tumortherapie mit schweren Ionen) has honored young scientists with the Christoph Schmelzer...



During the September 2017 beam time a major milestone has been achieved for commissioning the low energy storage ring facility CRYRING@ESR. Single charged hydrogen molecules, H2+ ions, were produced in the local ion source,...



The administration of GSI and FAIR has sent out a Call for Proposals for experiments in "FAIR Phase-0" to be conducted during the beamtime periods of 2018 and 2019. Deadline for submission is May 31st, 2017. Call for...



Substantial progress has been made in the construction of the CRYRING ion storage ring. During this year, all of the ring’s segments have been installed and aligned, and all of the magnets are now in their final positions and...



CRYRING@ESR is an international project and the first new installation of the upcoming FAIR accelerator complex. The ring offers excellent opportunities for research in many active research fields and is highly significant...



We are pleased to announce that the SPARC and GSI teams involved in the installation of CRYRING@ESR successfully tested the beam transport from ESR to CRYRING. During the last days, our team extracted C6+ ions from ESR at 6 MeV/u...


First beam on YR01DF3 beam viewer

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