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HISPEC (HIgh-Resolution In-flight SPECtroscopy)/DESPEC (DEcay SPECtroscopy)

The HISPEC/DESPEC experiments are intended to address questions in nuclear structure, reactions and nuclear astrophysics by means of high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy based on cutting edge germanium detector technology. The 4π germanium detector arrays are complemented by a suite of ancillary detector systems for charged particles and neutrons as well as devices dedicated to specific types of nuclear structure observables such as decay or single-particle strengths or electromagnetic moments, to name but a few.

At the low-energy branch of the Super-FRS beams of radioactive ions with energies of typically 100-300 A·MeV will be available. Radioactive beams from the NESR mark another option for the future.

The standard HISPEC (High-resolution In-flight SPECtroscopy) setup will comprise inter alia beam tracking and identification detectors and the AGATA Ge array to measure gamma rays arising from nuclear states excited in the course of secondary reactions of the radioactive beams. This can involve charged particle detectors (HYDE) or a plunger device for direct state lifetime measurements around the secondary target. The outgoing radiactive species are event-by-event identified by time-of-flight, energy loss and total energy (LYCCA) and/or a magnetic spectrometer.

In the DESPEC (DEcay SPECtroscopy) experiment, the radioactive ions are slowed down and come to rest in a stack of a highly segmented silicon-based, implantation and decay detector system (AIDA). This system will be surrounded by a compact high resolution Ge array, neutron detectors, fast BaF2 detectors and/or a total absorption gamma ray spectrometer. A magnet for isomeric moments measurements is an additional option. Here, decay studies of dripline nuclei will be the core interest, in particular towards the neutron-rich r-process lines. It will also be possible to combine HISPEC and DESPEC for recoil decay studies, with the DESPEC detectors being placed at the end of the magnetic spectrometer.

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HISPEC/DESPEC detector systems

LYCCA-Lund York Cologne CAlorimeter
AGATA- Advanced Gamma Tracking Array
AIDA-Advanced Implantation Detector Array
FATIMA-FAst TIMing Array



SpokespersonGiovanna Benzoni ( University of Milan, Italy)
Deputy SpokespersonPeter Reiter (University of Cologne, Germany)
Project ManagerMagda Gorska (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
GSI LiaisonJürgen Gerl (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)




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