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Young scientists at the UNILAC accelerator at GSI/FAIR (Photo: Jan Michael Hosan for GSI/FAIR)

GET_INvolved Programme - for International Students and Researchers

The GET_INvolved programme provides international students and early stage researchers with opportunities to perform internships, traineeships and early-stage research experience in order to get involved in the international FAIR acclerator project while receiving scientific and technical training.
Professional training and mentorship are available for a broad range of topics, e.g. biophysics, material research (incl. NANO), high-performance computing, radiation therapy and protection, accelerator technology, superconducting magnets, atomic physics, plasma physics, nuclear physics and chemistry.

The GET_INvolved Programme has three primary objectives:

  • Offering training opportunities with mobility to university students and early stage researchers to support their education and scientific career.

  • Creating synergies between collaborating universities and advanced technical institutes in FAIR shareholder countries to contribute to the FAIR project in research and development.

  • Building capacities for research groups and partner institutes working together within the FAIR collaborations.

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New Masterclass for pupils on particle therapy


Radiation intensity plot


FAIR/GSI and University of Bucharest: Scholarship Programme under Erasmus+ umbrella


Main Building University of Bucharest


FAIR/GSI and 3 Polish Universities: Scholarship Programme under Erasmus+ umbrella


Flag of Poland


More than 40 Candidates profit from in GET_INvolved programme


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