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GET_INvolved - Subject Areas and Fields

Professional training and mentorship are available for a broad range of topics e.g. Biophysics, material research (incl. NANO), high-performance computing, radiation therapy and protection, accelerator technology, superconducting magnets, atomic physics, plasma physics, nuclear physics and chemistry are offered. The projects are subject to availability.

The full list of the topics can be found here.

Nuclear and Hadronic Physics

  • NH-RE: Nuclear and Hadronic Reactions: study of reactions between colliding heavy nuclei: transport phenomena & creation of nuclear systems at high density and temperature & production of hadrons (baryons and mesons), photons, and leptons at ALICE, HADES and future CBM experiments
  • NH-Anti-P: Hadron Physics with anti-protons: developments and simulations for the PANDA detector at FAIR
  • NP-SP: Nuclear Spectroscopy: spectroscopy of highly excited nuclear states
  • NP-EX: Exotic Nuclei: investigations of nuclei at the limit of stability (super heavy – or neutron/proton-rich nuclei) and its implication for the nuclear synthesis
  • N-CHEM: Nuclear Chemistry: Chemical separation of short-lived nuclear reaction products (c.f. exotic nuclei), suitable for students interested in chemistry
  • TH-NH: Theoretical Nuclear and Hadronic Physics: description of nuclear collisions & properties of hadronic matter at high densities and temperatures & finite temperature field theory & nuclear structure & nuclear astrophysics (only a few places available)

Atomic and Laser Physics Experiments at the ESR and with Ion Traps

  • AT-HI: Highly Ionized atoms: interaction of highly ionized atoms with atoms, electrons, & light
  • AT-LA: Laser Spectroscopy: laser spectroscopy of atoms and ions
  • AT-SP: Atomic Spectroscopy: spectroscopy of few-electron systems & nuclear effects on the atomic electron cloud
  • PHELIX: High-intensity laser facility

Application Oriented Research

  • MATERIAL: Material Science: (suitable also for students in chemistry or technical engineering): modification of the properties of materials by impact with heavy ions~& ion track technology (e.g. nanotubes & nanowires)
  • PLASMA: Plasma Physics: production of highly compressed plasmas by heavy-ion bombardment
  • BIO-Ph: Biophysics (suitable also for students in biology or medicine): radiation damage of the DNA & studies of cancer therapy with heavy ions

Services, Developments, and New Technologies (Suitable also for students in engineering or computer science)

  • ACC: Accelerator developments for the GSI/FAIR accelerator complex (ion sources; high-intensity synchrotrons, storage rings with normal and superconducting magnets and other components and services of the accelerator complex)
  • RAD-SF: Radiation safety service
  • COMPT: High-performance computing, Software and hardware developments, Big Data handling and resources
  • DETECT: Detector Laboratory: detector developments
  • TARGET: Target Laboratory: target developments
  • EL-DA: Electronic data acquisition for experiments

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Programme Coordinator

Dr. Pradeep Ghosh
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