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GET_INvolved China 2019

Project Offers for Chinese Postdoctoral Fellowships Programme

Xin Gao, Helmholtz-OCPC Postdoc Programme at FAIR GET_INvolved

Xin Gao from Shanghai, China, came to Darmstadt to work as a postdoc in the frame of the Helmholtz-OCPC programme. Her task is to model the data flow and to design a throttling system in the data acquisiton in the future CBM experiment at FAIR. (Photo: Gaby Otto for FAIR/GSI)

This year the GET_INvolved Programme for China, the Helmholtz – OCPC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme, comprises of 9 projects at Helmholtz Centre GSI in Darmstadt and Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM).


Currently, the Office of the China Postdoctoral Council (OCPC) advertises the projects throughout China. The applicants interested in these projects need to apply in China with the OCPC application portal. After a successful application is made in due time, a first level of selection is performed by OCPC. The final selection of candidates will be made at GSI and HIM, respectively. The first postdocs are expected in Germany by September-October 2019.


Overview on the projects advertised for 2019:

Topics / Project Title
GSI01Evaluation of the Picosecond Frontend Electronics for the PANDA Barrel DIRC
GSI02Development of the data processing framework for the CBM
GSI03Readout chain for the CBM Silicon Tracking System (STS)
GSI04Experiments with thermalized exotic nuclei for nuclear astrophysics
GSI05Experiments with thermalized exotic nuclei for nuclear astrophysics
GSI06Fundamental Physics, Atomic, Molecular and optical Physics
GSI07Advanced development for reliable operation of high intensity heavy ion source and ECR ion sources
GSI08Commissioning of the HITRAP cooling Penning trap
GSI09Setup and commissioning of a high intensity EBIT for CRYRING@ESR




Application Portal


The application portal and guidelines on how to apply for the above programme can be found at the website of the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC)


More information


The programme information about the present call are available at Helmholtz website – Beijing Office (in Chinese)

Download of the detailed project descriptions (zip, in English)


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