NUSTAR - Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions

The NUSTAR collaboration is devoted to the study of NUclear STructure, Astrophysics, and Reactions. More than 700 scientists from more than 170 participating institutes worldwide form the NUSTAR community. They all concentrate on the development and realization of new instrumentation and methods for future experiments at the upcoming FAIR facility. The research interest of the NUSTAR collaboration is focused on the use of beams of radioactive species separated and identified by the Superconducting FRagment Separator (Super-FRS), which is the central element of all NUSTAR experiments. This web page gives an overview of the NUSTAR@FAIR project. The current experimental program of NUSTAR at GSI Darmstadt and further information can be found here.



Russian Great Gold Medal to Björn Jonson



Delegation from IIT Ropar visits FAIR and GSI



NUSTAR Week 2017 in Ljubljana




NUSTAR Week 2018





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FAIR Movie: The Universe in the Laboratory
GSI and FAIR (as a model)






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