Transfer beamline from ESR to CRYRING successfully tested.


We are pleased to announce that the <link internal-link internal link in current>SPARC and <link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>GSI teams involved in the installation of <link https: cryring external-link-new-window external link in new>CRYRING@ESR successfully tested the beam transport from ESR to CRYRING. During the last days, our team extracted C6+ ions from ESR at 6 MeV/u (corresponding to Bρ ≈ 0.7 Tm) in a micro second bunch and transported this beam to the first diagnostic station in CRYRING. The modified transport beam line ESR towards CRYRING has been fully operational, including the newly built magnetic septum in CRYRING. Furthermore, new beam diagnostics and FAIR -like controls hardware and software were tested with real beam.


For the year to come the full ring commissioning with the local ion source, the commissioning of the electron cooler and a complete bake out to reach the required ultra-high vacuum is scheduled to prepare CRYRING@ESR for the start of the proposed exiting, new research program as soon as the upgraded GSI facility will deliver again beam.


We thank all our supporters and collaborators who have been involved in this endeavor for their work, trust and encouragements during the past years. We also acknowledge the contributions from and the support by: Swedish Science Council, Stockholm University, Cracow University, GSI GmbH, FAIR GmbH, Helmholtz Institute Jena, KVI Groningen.


On behalf of the CRYRING Team and the SPARC Collaboration


Frank Herfurth
Michael Lestinsky
Angela Braeuning-Demian