NUSTAR Annual Meeting 2023


From February 27 to March 3, the NUSTAR Annual Meeting took place at GSI. After several years of interruption due to the Corona Pandemic, it was possible to meet again without restrictions for the first time. The participation of about 180 international colleagues builds on the earlier meetings and shows the continued great interest in the collaboration with FAIR and GSI.

The participants were impressed by the significant progress made in realizing the FAIR facility, especially concerning construction. Significant progress was also reported on the development and realization of NUSTAR detector arrays and their infrastructure. This means that the instrumentation is still right on schedule for the start of experiments at the Super-FRS. The "Early Science" and "First Science" staging steps at FAIR were seen as an opportunity for impactful NUSTAR experiments, but also as a great responsibility of the NUSTAR Collaboration as it will be in the spotlight to demonstrate the power of FAIR.

The Phase-0 experiments over the next two years were discussed constructively in detail. The need to carry out experimental beam times at the GSI facility in the years that follow until the FAIR facility will go into operation was repeatedly emphasized. Discussions on the latest research highlights of the successful experiments at GSI and at many external research institutions were fruitful and reflected the excellent research quality being carried out in the community.

Throughout the week, sub-collaborations used the opportunity to discuss their developments in various working groups, to present the results achieved and to plan further joint work. Further information on the meeting can be found here.