Services provided by NUSTAR

  • Laboratory Space: For detector/magnets/equipment tests, there is a dedicated space at FAIR site. In order to use this area please contact: Jürgen Gerl.
  • Test Beamtime: If you need beamtime for testing the detectors/magnets, please contact: Jürgen Gerl.
  • Information Technologies: GSI provides various IT services to our guests. For details please visit our GSI-IT website.
  • Coming to FAIR/GSI: You are going to visit FAIR? The following link will assist you to prepare your journey and your time at FAIR in Germany.
  • Submission of a TDR: You can find further information here.
  • Intellectual Property: Do you think that your ideas are unique? Then perhaps you want to patent them. For further information, contact: Jürgen Gerl