First superconducting multiplet of Super-FRS arrived for tests at CERN


CERN and GSI are working closely together and have created a test facility containing three magnet test benches at CERN, where the first tests are starting now. In April 2019, the first superconducting multiplet magnet has been delivered to CERN and will be subjected to detailed quality tests, both for the operational parameters and the magnetic field quality. The magnet is the first-of-series for the future Super-FRS fragment separator in order to provide radioactive ion beams for NUSTAR experiments.

The multiplets, which are manufactured in La Spezia, Italy, and weigh more than 50 tons, are an important in-kind contribution from GSI to the FAIR project. All of the superconducting magnets required for the Super-FRS will be tested in alternating sequence in the new test facility at CERN. This includes both the total of 32 multiplet units and 24 superconducting dipole magnets.