On Monday, 4th November 2019, the in-kind contracts for the Indian contributions to MONSTER and DEGAS were signed by the Scientific Managing Director of FAIR, Prof. Paolo Giubellino, and the representative of Bose Institute (BI), Prof. Anup Kumar Mishra. The signature ceremony took place at the Bose Institute in Kolkata, India. The Bose Institute is acting as Indian Shareholder for FAIR, working together with the Indo-FAIR Co-ordination Centre (IFCC) at Bose-Institute, which is coordinating the FAIR related activities in India.


Besides the two NUSTAR in-kind contracts, an in-kind contract for power converters for SIS100 and HEBT as well as an in-kind contract for the Muon Chamber System (MUCH) of the CBM experiment were signed as well. This marks another major step for our Indian partners in the construction of accelerator components and detector systems for FAIR.