GET_INvolved - Application

For individual students or researchers:

Welcome to the GET_INvolved Programmeapplication guideline. We are glad, that you are interested in our Programme for get involved with some research experience!

The GET_INvolved Programme has no application deadline. Speculative applications by students or early stage researchers who are interested to apply for an internship, traineeship or research experience should be sent approximately 5 months prior to the intended start of the stay in Germany.

To send your application successfully please regard the following steps and needed documents. Only if your application and all documents are complete, we can process your application. Take care, that your documents are updated, after submitting there is no change possible. Nevertheless, do not worry - in case of missing documents we will contact you. Also in case of urgent changes of your submitted documents, you can contact our team via the contact email at the end of this webpage.

Application portal

The link to the application website is below. Before starting to apply, please read the following section about how to apply

Application website:

General information

Please use Latin letters for filling the application!

    Section: Application for… - Please choose here your programme you are applying with. In case, your application is not related to one of the mentioned programmes (see more information here) please always choose “speculative application”. We cannot guarantee to process your application correctly with incomplete information.

    Section: What would you like to do? - Please make your type of the stay clear. For different types of stays there are different documents needed:

    • Internship (obligatory): certificates of enrollment, excerpt of your study regulation which proves that the internship is an obligatory part of the study programme
    • Internship (voluntary): certificate of enrollment
    • Research experience: certificate of enrollment
    • Postdoctoral research experience: doctoral degree

    Section: Upload - In every case, upload the following documents:

    • the latest curriculum vitae (CV) (you may use this CV template and suggestions how to fill it)
    • a statement of purpose in one of the research fields as listed on Subject Areas and Fields
    • proof of academic records (mark sheets and transcripts)
    • other certificates
    • optional documents: cover letter, recommendation letters


    After three weeks, you will receive an information about your application status.

    In case your application is successful, please have the following documents ready: scan of passport, proof of health insurance valid for Germany.

    You will receive an invitation letter from our institution, which will help you to apply for a visa. After submitting all needed information for the invitation letter, it will take 2-6 weeks.

    Support services

    For the stay at GSI in Germany, you may find useful information on the GSI User Service page.

    Still have questions?

    Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section - FAQ.

    Contact our team via mail: international(at) or international(at)