What educational qualification level do I need at least to be part of the programme?

What level of language skills do I need to have?

This might be different from case to case. Please refer to webpage of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Can I bring family members or friends to Germany?

The GET_INvolved programme does not financially support family members or friends. For family members, organizational assistance can be given. Please contact the GET_INvolved programme coordinator for details.

How long is the average stay for GET_INvolved participants?

Students typically stay between 3 and 6 months. The duration of a sandwich Ph.D. and a postdoc is between 6 month and 2 years. See also Programmes, Individual Participation, and Funding.

How long does the application process take?

For GET_INvolved programmes with partner countries check Programmes, Individual Participation and Funding.

Speculative applications (from applicants not participating into dedicated programme) please check GET_INvolved application.

Are there deadlines for the application?

Students/researchers applying within the GET_INvolved institutional programmes usually require to meet certain deadlines.

For all other applications there are no specific deadlines, applications can be sent all over the year (see also Applications).

How can I track my application?

Every applicant gets a reference code, e.g. GI19-CA-RQ-333. This code should be given in the subject-fields of all E-mail inquiries. For time frames and application process, see GET_INvolved – Applications. At the moment, there is no possiblity for the applicant to track his application himself, please contact the programme coordinator.

Are there any social activities with the GET_INvolved programme?

Yes. All GET_INvolved participants are invited to a regular get-together in a restaurant or a beer garden, organized by the GET_INvolved team. In addition, there are socials events individually organized by research departments such as Chinese New Year parties, (winter) barbecue on campus and visits of the close-by beer garden „Kalkofen“. Once a year, each department / working group organizes a works outing, and all GSI/FAIR employees, users and guests celebrate a big summer or Christmas party.

What insurances do I need?

A medical health insurance as well as
an accidental insurance are required.
In addition, we strongly recommend a liability insurance. More information see at Application.

Are there lectures?

Seminars, conference and scientific talks are frequently offered at GSI and FAIR, most of them are open to all students and researchers and can be visited free of charge. Examples are the GSI-FAIR Colloquium, the Accelerator Seminar and numerous collaboration meetings which are announced separately. GET_INvolved participants are also welcome to join the lectures of the annual International Summer Student Programme at GSI.