SARENA Consortium representatives discussed opportunities within GET_INvolved Programme


GSI/FAIR joins SARENA Consortium as a assocaite partner. This collaboration is coordinated with support from IMT Atlantique, a French technological institute, and aims to provide mobility opportunities for students to perform dedicated internships or traineeships in an international environment. The representatives from IMT Atlantique Dr Christoph Hartnack and Dr Andreas Hartnack met Dr Pradeep Ghosh to discuss opportunities for SARENA Project - European Nuclear Education Network together with GET_INvolved Programme.


Through the partnership, students will gain firsthand research experience at the GSI/FAIR facility. This initiative is part of the GET_INvolved programme and Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to offer international opportunities to students seeking to advance their education and research capabilities.


IMT Atlantique, known for its scientific and technical excellence, is leveraging its cutting-edge work in the digital, energy, and environmental sectors to train a new generation of engineers. SARENA Consortium, on the other hand, offers a joint Erasmus Mundus Master specialization with a Master degree in Safe and Reliable Nuclear Applications (SARENA). The program has two tracks: Track A focuses on Radioactive Waste Management & Decommissioning, while Track B focuses on Nuclear Reactor Operation and Safety.


HADES and NUSTAR, two major GSI/FAIR experiments, have already hosted three engineers from IMT Atlantique in 2022, and there are plans to host another three engineers in the near future. This partnership aims to offer students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of nuclear science and engineering while working with renowned experts in the field.