Breaking Boundaries: Sarajevo's Brightest Minds Embark on GET_INvolved Short term Internship!


GET_INvolved Bosnia and Herzegovina launched with first students from University of Sarajevo in Campus!

We are thrilled to inaugurate a pivotal chapter in our journey with the launch of GSI's groundbreaking internship program in collaboration with Sarajevo students. This momentous initiative not only signifies a significant stride in forging international partnerships but also stands as a pioneering effort in fostering collaboration with a distinguished Western nation.

Central to our mission is the commitment to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Through an unprecedented partnership with a prominent non-governmental financial organization, we reaffirm our dedication to providing a platform that empowers young minds, fuels innovation, and cultivates exceptional talent.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the recognition of the potential that youth hold in shaping a better future. The GSI internship program is designed to not only offer valuable exposure but to also ignite the spark of cross-cultural collaboration and global understanding. As Sarajevo students embark on this transformative journey, they step into a realm of limitless opportunities, where learning knows no borders and collaboration knows no bounds.

The program marks an exciting milestone as these young visionaries set out to explore, learn, and create alongside a Western partner. This synergy of cultures, ideas, and perspectives promises to catalyze innovation and drive impactful change. The students, as ambassadors of this initiative, are poised to become pioneers who champion the spirit of cooperation and excellence.

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