Empowering Future Innovators: Students' Inspiring Visit to the Green IT Cube


Join us on a journey as we delve into the transformative experience of students who recently explored the Green IT Cube. Witness their awe, inspiration, and motivation as they discover the intersection of technology, sustainability, and scientific excellence.

In the heart of the GSI/FAIR campus, a group of students embarked on a voyage of discovery, delving into the world of the Green IT Cube. This exceptional scientific data center, renowned for its power and sustainability, left an indelible mark on these young minds, inspiring them like never before.

As the students stepped into the Green IT Cube, they were greeted by the future of technology. The remarkable cooling system, which utilizes water instead of energy-draining air, was an immediate eye-opener. Witnessing how less than seven percent of the electrical power used for computing was needed for cooling, they marveled at the sheer brilliance of this innovation. It was a lesson in efficiency that transcended the boundaries of a conventional data center.

One of the most striking features that students noticed was the compact and space-saving design enabled by the innovative cooling system. This design not only conserves valuable space but also opens up new possibilities for the efficient utilization of resources. It's a testament to how technology can adapt to our environmental responsibilities.

During a recent visit, students may have noticed the impressive statistics of the Green IT Cube. These numbers are not just numbers; they represent a future where computing meets sustainability. As students aspiring to shape the world through technology, these facts will ignite your passion and drive a brighter, greener future:

  • Maximum Number of Racks: 768 Racks, Each 2.2 Meters in Height

Imagine the colossal capacity for scientific exploration and innovation within these racks. Each one stands as a testament to the vast potential that technology offers.

  • Cutting-Edge Cooling System: PUE<1.07 (Less Than 7% of Electrical Power for Cooling)

Our innovative cooling system is a marvel in efficiency. It ensures that a minuscule fraction of electrical power is used for cooling, setting new standards for energy-conscious computing.

  • Data Transmission for FAIR Expansion: Greater Than 1 Terabyte Per Second

In the age of data-driven discovery, the Green IT Cube is a powerhouse, capable of transmitting over a terabyte of data every second. This rapid data exchange fuels groundbreaking research.

  • Computing Cores (July 2023): Approximately 600 Nodes / 54,000 Cores

These cores are the engines behind simulations, calculations, and scientific breakthroughs. They represent the computational muscle that drives our quest for knowledge.

  • Storage Capacities (July 2023): 60 Petabytes

In an era where data is the lifeblood of research, our 60 petabytes of storage capacity offer a vast playground for storing and analyzing vast datasets.

  • FAIR Expansion: In Total, 250 Petabytes

As we expand our horizons, so does our need for storage. The Green IT Cube is prepared for the future, with a whopping 250 petabytes to support FAIR's ever-evolving demands.

Green IT Cube is more than just a data center; it is a catalyst for change, inspiration and a ray of hope for a more sustainable future. Students who had the honor of visiting this remarkable facility are now armed with a profound sense of knowledge, motivation and responsibility. Are you interested in IT Technology, data analytics or energy research? Green IT Cube is the place for you. Join the movement, embrace sustainability and be a changer!

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