FAIR Resource Review Boards - FAIR RRB

The meetings of the Resource Review Boards are the means to inform the funding agencies about the overall financial status and technical progress of the FAIR experiments.

The Resource Review Boards (RRBs) comprise the representatives of all funding agencies that consider contributing to any of the Collaboration’s experiments, and the managements of FAIR and of the Collaboration.

Four separate Resource Review Boards one for each of the large FAIR Collaborations APPA, CBM, NUSTAR and PANDA, are implemented similarly to the CERN procedures.

The role of the RRB includes to:

during the construction phase

  • monitor the general financial and manpower support for the experiment setups
  • reach an agreement on the construction Memorandum of Understanding

during the operation phase

  • reach agreement on maintenance and operation procedures and monitor their functioning together with the host lab
  • endorse the annual construction and maintenance and operation budgets of the experimental setups.


The management of the Collaboration reports regularly to the RRB on technical, managerial, financial and administrative matters, as well as the composition of the Collaboration. The management of the Collaboration informs the RRB about funding plans and needs for further funding. The RRB is invited to ask the FAIR management to task the FAIR Expert Committee Experiments, ECE with regular reports.