NUSTAR Technical Board (TB)

The NUSTAR Technical Board (TB) consists of  the Project Managers/Technical Directors of the NUSTAR Experiments, the chair persons of the Common Working Groups and the NUSTAR Project Management Team. The TB is chaired by the PM. The TB is responsible for the coordination of all technical aspects of the NUSTAR sub-projects, i.e. the NUSTAR Experiments including the Super-FRS and the activities of the Common Working Groups. The TB reports to the Board of representatives (BR), respectively the Collaboration Committee (CC).


Members of the Technical Board

NUSTAR Project Management Team

  • Project Manager / Technical Coordinator: Helena Albers
  • NUSTAR Resource Coordinator: Alexander Herlert

NUSTAR Experiment's Project Managers and Technical Directors (Deputies)

NUSTAR Common Working Groups

  • DAQ/FEE: Haik Simon
  • Calorimeters: Dolores Cortina Gil
  • Silicon detectors: Peter Egelhof
  • Simulations: Mark Labiche
  • Neutron detectors: Daniel Cano Ott
  • Tracking detectors: Plamen Boutachkov

NUSTAR Infrastructure Working Group

  • Helena Albers
  • Frederic Ameil
  • Jürgen Gerl
  • Alexander Herlert
  • Petra Hofmann
  • Stephane Pietri


  • Chairperson of the NUSTAR Board: Wolfram Korten
  • Sub-Project Leader Super-FRS: Haik Simon (Martin Winkler)
  • Sub-Project Leader NUSTAR Experimental Areas: Jürgen Gerl

NUSTAR Technical Board Members (in alphabetic order)

Current information according to the NUSTAR database: