Synergy Group for Front-End Electronics and Data Acquisition (SGFD)

The idea of a SGFD has been developed during common meetings of people working on front-end electronics and data acquisition within SPIRAL2, NUSTAR/FAIR and LEGNARO. The synergistic approach offers some significant benefits:

  • It overcomes problems caused by the limited capacities and scarce expertise in the field of ASIC development and manufacturing for nuclear physics applications.
  • It provides the strongly overlapping user communities with common user interfaces and data structures for DAQ systems and controls.
  • It makes the most effective use of the limit scientific and engineering manpower dedicated to DAQ and controls tasks.

With this letter, we approach the boards of the above listed collaborations and facilities to formally establish a SGFD and to provide the SGFD with the mandate to recommend areas of R&D to the various working groups on instrumentation. The SGFD will seek to establish the necessary organization for the implementation of this common R&D. In addition, SGFD will seek and recommend common technological solutions in the areas of front-end electronics and data acquisition. To allow for a functional group, the members are expected to perform studies and development.

At present the SGFD is represented by members the following members of SGFD:

E. Pollacco (CEA-Saclay),
H. Simon (GSI),
H.J. Wörtche (KVI/GSI),
I. H. Lazarus (CCLRC, Daresbury Lab)

Starting Point:

An email dated
Friday, 11. November 2005 18:04
from William Gelletly and Thomas Nilsson



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