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Programme with iThemba LABS

Information on the Programme

Based on the tri-lateral agreement between GSI, FAIR and iThemba LABS, an internship and training programme was initiated in 2019. The programme is open for South African students who hold a bachelor degree (internship) or a master degree with at least 2 years of research experience in the field (training). The students and researchers will stay between 3 and 6 month on GSI/FAIR campus. iThemba LABS will cover local and travel expenses as well as insurances (health and liability).

Call for 2022

GET_Involved: South Africa SAINTS/iThemba LABS Programme 2022 is open and call for application from eligible candidates.

27 Jan 2022: Call opens (see scope, eligiblity, instruction, timeline and selection process)
25 Feb 2022: Deadline for submission of application

Download the Call for Application : (click here)

Objectives and Scope

This program offers iThemba LABS graduates, PhD students and researchers the possibility to participate in the Internship and Research Programme offered at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe Darmstadt, Germany. The selected candidates will have a unique opportunity to work on a specific project during an internship and research stay with one GSI/FAIR researcher during their stay.

  • Offer an opportunity to the young students and early stage researchers from iThemba LABS to be part of the International Project FAIR by performing internships and gain first hand research experience.
  • Creating synergies between iThemba LABS and GSI/FAIR by allowing mobility opportunities for students and researchers and contributing to the research and development project.
  • Building capacities for research groups at GSI/FAIR and iThemba LABS that are already collaborating to allow mobility of students and researchers to be more effective within the framework of the project.

The GET_INvolved iThemba LABS Programme offers opportunities for a maximum of three (3) candidates. The research stay will be up to 6 months. This internship will take place at GSI/FAIR Darmstadt, Germany.


GSI-FAIR offers projects associated with the list of topics given at the link:

The following high-priority research areas for iThemba LABS have been identified for 2022:

  • Application-Oriented Research:  materials science, radiobiology
  • Services, Developments and New Technologies: detector development, accelerator physics


  • 27 Jan 2022                 Publication of the call         
  • 25 Feb 2022                 Deadline for candidate application at Programme Coordinator SAINTS (iThemba LABS), South Africa and Submission of the required documents    
  • 01 Mar 2022                 Announcement: First stage selection of qualified candidates    
  • 02 Mar 2022                 Second stage: Interviews of qualified conducted in English language
  • 14 Mar2022                  Announcement: Publication of selected candidates     
  • 14 Mar 2022                 Invitation letters will be sent to selected candidates     
  • 15 April 2022 onwards   Project start for Internship and Research Programme    

Eligibility requirements

In order to receive financial support under this Call for Internship and Research programme the candidates must satisfy following conditions.

To be enrolled in a graduate or research programme in the areas of exact and Natural Sciences, Biological and Health Sciences or Technology and/or Engineering Sciences at iThemba LABS.

  1. Initial candidate registration at iThemba LABS SAINTS Office.  
  2. Follow the application procedure from GSI/FAIR as provided at the application page ( Please choose iThemba LABS programme.
  3. The following documents must be submitted along with the application on the portal.
  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Transcripts of educational qualifications (in the English language).
  3. A motivation letter stating their interest in pursuing the GSI/FAIR Germany research work.
  4. Support Letter from the Head of the Department and the thesis supervisor (if relevant), addressed to Programme Coordinator (Dr. Pradeep Ghosh).
  5. Travel document or Passport

Selection process

The selection process shall include three stages:

First stage: (registration)

  1. Candidates must liaise and register with the iThemba LABS SAINTS Office to be included in the selection process.
  2. The candidates will have to be first submit all relevant documents as mentioned in the call for being eligible to be in the process. The list of documents to be submitted is prescribed in the section “Eligibility requirements” (see above)
  3. The Programme Coordinator will announce the selected candidates after they have qualified for the second stage.

Second Stage: (Selection)

  1. An International selection committee for this Programme will interview and assess the candidates selected in the previous stage.
  2. This interview intends to measure ease of communication and knowledge in the area of application. Up to three candidates will be selected.
  3. The programme coordinator will announce the final selected candidates who will receive a scholarship for pursuing their Internship at FAIR/GSI.

Third stage: (Invitation and Project)

  1.  The selected student will receive the scholarship certificate from the iThemba LABS. This document will include the following information: during the GET_INvolved IThemba LABS Programme
    • Financial support (including accommodation daily allowance and health and liability insurances
    • Travel support (to and fro) cost from SAINTS/iThemba LABS South Africa
  2. The awarded students will be provided an invitation letter to apply the VISA for the duration of stay in Germany.
  3. The awarded student will be granted the following during the stay in Germany:   
    • Supervision/mentoring of the student/researcher during their stay
    • One scientific project within one of the GSI/FAIR research topics
    • Office space and access to equipment necessary for project realization
    • Administrative support during the stay
    • Lodging in the GSI guest house (if available)


For more information or details, please contact via Email or telephone the office of International students and researchers in FAIR/GSI Germany or the office of SAINTS at iThemba LABS.



Call for 2019

GET_Involved: South Africa SAINTS/iThemba LABS Programme 2019

Two talented early-stage researchers from South Africa are selected for research and training under the Programme. The PhD students are awarded Scholarships to come to Germany for 3 months and perform research.

  1. Ms. Charnay Cunningham
  2. Mr. Lucky Makhathini

The PhD students worked on their specific projects at Department of Biopysics and Detector Laboratory respectively.

About the Partner

iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences (iThemba LABS) located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a multidisciplinary research facility that is based on the development, operation and use of particle accelerators and related research equipment. The facilities provide opportunities for research in subatomic physics, material research, radiobiology, and the research and development of unique radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and industrial applications.

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